Current Map

The only thing better than “programmer” art is “designer” art, but hey, this is the world as I’d like it! Nine “worlds” or just nine levels.  I don’t really know what many of them will look like, or how to tie them together without losing the cohesive illusion of an open-world.

Drawn To It

I think it’s increasingly important to draw specifically FOR the game, to cater to the 8.1×8.1 “pixels”. A rather intricate and specific drawing of a monster was almost completely blotted out when I took the original paper draft of the drawing and digitally drafted it in pixel-art.

I don’t really LIKE it, but I guess I can make it work. And furthermore, art’s gotta be prioritized. I’m a little concerned about the emptiness of the world, that there aren’t treasures or more monsters already.

I feel increasingly limited in terms of what’s possible, and I’m painting myself into a corner design-wise. I still have hope, but the going is slow.

What’s Been Goin’ On

Well, there was a death in the community here. A close friend. I took a week hiatus. Beyond that, I actually got lazy.

Rather than bombard the blog with a series of little things, I’ll say I’ve added a couple of new enemies. I’ve decided to forgo an open map of monsters, in favor of an arena-style battle system. The only open-world element left is exploring the world, evil crystals will follow you around and that initiates a battle.

A little disc-version of whatever terrain you’re on appears against a scrolling starfield. I’ve included in this picture almost every enemy so far. Typically only a few will appear.