One and Two And….

There’s now some happy little Slime critters hopping around. They’re color-coded and the stronger they are the more they hop.

Striking A Pose

It occurs to me I had forgotten to share the attack poses for the Player characters. They’re animated, but I really wanted to share them mid-attack like this.

Imagine Dragons

So….the Dragon boss was supposed to be two weeks ago. That means the game is two weeks behind schedule. That’s bad.

The dragon is now done, that’s good! It’s really silly, but it works alright enough. It’s back to business as usual here, working 8 hour days to get this done. I would be really happy with a workable demo of World 1 by the end of this week, but I’m not setting the bar so high that I can’t even reach it.

Cutting Room

It’s after midnight, therefor technically Monday. As such I think it’s okay to say that after some short testing, I’ve decided to cut any particle effects. They’re nice enough, but they require that extra bit of memory I just can’t afford. I’m going to keep everything really simple instead by choosing to use animation to express what particle effects could, but without any extra code. One two-frame clip is worth just as much as (if not more than) ten 30-line single-pixel clips.

No I never got around to the Dragon last week, but we’ll see what this work-week holds.


This week, I guess it’s important to clarify, that the studio is closed weekends and Holidays. This Monday was Memorial Day, we were closed. That’s a good thing, but it was difficult to recover from a three-day weekend! What I’m trying to say is not a lot got done and I’m not happy with that.

A new enemy was added thus creating a new enemy-type, Shadows. This is a good thing.

Additionally, all Player-types now have complete animations for attacking and moving. They’ve been sorted and mostly standardized.

I think as the week wraps up, one more enemy needs to be implemented: a Dragon. I really hope that coming back from this next weekend things go a lot more smoothly and the work week is just that: a full work-week.