The Story So Far….



So, what we’ve got is four Player-types one of which is complete with attacking animations, two lines of dialogue, part of a quest, some decent collision detection, an endless scrolling open-world landscape, two types of enemies, a castle prop, a tree prop, a cave prop, all the programming needed to make it all hop around, and the trees can be felled.

What’s next? Finish the characters attacks, make the world “cohesive” (right now it’s just an endless landscape with the props built front-and-center), make a list of what is and isn’t plausible weighed against what I want. I know that I want an Action/RPG that embodies role-playing. You turn to your team to do something, and you really have to turn to them to do something. As if talking amongst yourselves along the journey.

The link demonstrates this fairly well.

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