Added attacking animation for Magician Character, added a “fireball” prop/effect/bullet, and created a “Character Select” screen with mock-up stats and animated characters.

Armageddon It

Finally got this blog just about where I want it. It has a shorthand url (, videos embed themselves and play from the blog, and even the YouTube section is coming along. Overall I’m really pleased and ready for a nap….Happy Saturday!

Questin’ Marks

“Questin” Marks are optional points on the mini-map that represent mini-games or optional quests. Completing these grant powerful Weapons, bonus Cash, or even extra Character Types. Exclamation Marks, however, are story-driven, and generally fit into a more gradual progression. These tend to include Bosses, Dungeons, and Mob Battles.

A Dark & Stormy Knight


Features added include a darkened overlay with foggy effects. Made water tiles for terrain, which then became “Acid” terrain and could just as easily be “Lava” terrain. Rain chopped up performance, so it is now omitted in favor of fog. Also wrote a “Dark Outside” music loop for this kind of scene/weather. Essentially, I have my first weather, and it’s fairly well-contained.

It’s pretty atmospheric, with a thunderstorm effects track running behind the soundtrack. Frequent lightning serves to encourage a kind of urgency, to “get on with it”.

Also wrote the first “storyline”, which explains why water is green,  how monsters exist, where you’re going, who you are (a loner), and establishes that….things in this world are bad.

Suffered some troubles with audio compression, became fearful Flash couldn’t support the right hi-fi audio for the soundtrack (which is totes croosh!). Luckily all is well, and the audio is as presented here above.

Last video for today:

The Story So Far….



So, what we’ve got is four Player-types one of which is complete with attacking animations, two lines of dialogue, part of a quest, some decent collision detection, an endless scrolling open-world landscape, two types of enemies, a castle prop, a tree prop, a cave prop, all the programming needed to make it all hop around, and the trees can be felled.

What’s next? Finish the characters attacks, make the world “cohesive” (right now it’s just an endless landscape with the props built front-and-center), make a list of what is and isn’t plausible weighed against what I want. I know that I want an Action/RPG that embodies role-playing. You turn to your team to do something, and you really have to turn to them to do something. As if talking amongst yourselves along the journey.

The link demonstrates this fairly well.

Hello World!

This is the development blog for DEC Studios. All work is recorded here as a means of encouraging not only productivity, but to secure a sense of accomplishment. Terribly excited, I work alone and honestly. This is entirely my project: it’s my art, my music, my design, my code.

I’m my own boss, in a kind of freefall. Yet, I’m secure. I know that when the work is finally done, I’ll pay myself. It’ll be one of the greatest moments of my life. Until then, I can’t afford to focus on getting everything done and having it right now.

I just want to lean down, ease my seat back, and enjoy the journey there.